Working with Ekene is fun, fabulous and transformative

I do everything I can to attend Ekene’s events.  That’s a bold statement from someone who is constantly flooded with places to spend my valuable time and money. And the reason is this…Ekene’s presence is magnetizing and her being is energizing. She welcomes you to come as you are and encourages you to reach for your best self. In her community, you’re surrounded by other women who are actively striving for improvement themselves and freely offer nonjudgemental support. All of this is a great environment to foster self-growth. - Iffath Lotallah, Goal realization coach

"Ekene's events are POWERFUL and FUN!  Re-creating myself  with her loving guidance brings new PASSION in my life!" - Nina Smart, PhD, Author of WildFlower

The February Refresh Leadership Circle Leaders Lounge event

Date: February 24th 2018

Location: The Berthold Building, 741 Monroe St, Atlanta, GA

Time: 10am - 12pm

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The Valuable Woman's Mastermind Breakfast

Do you know your zone of Genius?

Do you know how to connect it to the areas of highest value in your world?

If you don't know and apply this information, 

  • you will spend a lot of time, doing too much for too little. 

  • You probably feel undervalued and unappreciated

  • You are working really hard, but you are not as productive as you would like to be. 

Join Executive coach/International Leadership consultant & Founder of the Refresh Leadership Circle, Ekene Onu, for a Breakfast meeting to mastermind how you can start living your life in your zone of genius and become more valued at home, work and in your community. Connect with other soulful, authentic and powerhouse women for a breakfast meeting to mastermind and make clear commitments about living your life in your zone of genius and becoming the most valuable woman you can be in all your spheres of influence.

Breakfast refreshments will be served 

Limited space, so register today. 

The Refresh Leadership Circle is an incubator community for women who want to leave their mark on the world while achieving soulful success. IT IS A COMMUNITY OF SOULFUL WOMEN, LIVING AND LEADING WITH FAITH, GRACE AND EXCELLENCE. Learn more at