Are you creating a life that you will truly enjoy living?

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself – George Bernard Shaw.

I'm the founder of the Refresh leadership circle, a network of women committed to leading and living with intention and soul. I'm also a coach, inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator and teacher. 

I spent many years before that, as a pharmacist & that taught me to look at the whole body. I know first hand that a prescription that doesn't take into account a patients whole health state can do more harm than good. 

It's the same thing for success. One dimensional success can do you harm. I see women who focus only on money & end up broken by relationships. Or women who focus only on motherhood & end up losing themselves. 

I help you see the whole system of your life & understand how to make it truly work by focusing on you first and then connecting everything in the best possible way. 

"There are two educations, one should teach you how to make a living and the other, how to live" - John Adams



Ekene is a powerful speaker & teacher. Her areas of focus are on feminine leadership, holistic success, harnessing your personal power & more. 

"Ekene was a compelling and inspiring speaker at Blogalicious Weekend 2014. Her talk resonated on a personal level with the audience and so many remarked about her genuine and insightful demeanor. She has a gift for connection and I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement centered on women stepping into their power." -- Stacey Ferguson, Co-Founder and Chief Curator, Blogalicious

"This woman will make you feel like you can do anything!" -Jacqueline Royster, PhD, Dean, Ivan Allen School of Liberal Arts, Georgia Tech.


Ekene has taught at various conferences and organizations in the US and abroad. Some of her notable clients include the Graca Machel Trust in Johannesburg, The Global Women's Entrepreneurship Initiative in Atlanta and the Georgia Association of Women Lawyers. 

She also hosts & designs amazing transformational retreats & workshop experiences for women.

"Ekene is passionate about helping you become the best person you can be. Her presentation during the GAWL Leadership Academy earlier this year engaged and recharged my mind, emotions, and spirit.  Work with Ekene if you are serious about becoming actively involved in transforming yourself and your world and reaching your fullest potential.


Ekene is a lifestyle consultant for successful women. She also runs various online master classes and online group coaching programs throughout the year.

"In such a short period Ekene, I've learned so much about who I am, become less self conscious and more aware, become mindful of my Community of power, highly intentional and cultivating the fabulous woman I am created to be, while simultaneously having fun, with great passion, utilizing my non-negotiable refresh rituals and engaging in new input. As Amy Cuddy said, "Faking it till you become it". Linda O, Pharmacist & Business Owner.